Expathy — Bachelor Project

Expathy is a human-centered web platform for immigrants and travelers, dedicated to the stories of real people from all around the world. The project was born out of the need to challenge the concept of personal identity in our fast-paced multicultural world. It adresses questions realted to reconstruction and transformation of personal identities of people, who have a multicultural background. 

Role — Webdesign / Coding / UX Design / Content Creation


The goal of the Expathy project is to help shed light and increase empathic awareness towards people, who have international or migration background. Using in-depth interviews, I attempt to demonstrate various perspectives on the question of how does the "home" aspect and experience within different cultures affect our mindset and identity. 


I wanted to immerse the readers fully into the stories and to turn them from passive consumers into active participants. To make every story and experience feel unique and increase the user engagement, I integrated interactive visual elements and added unique effects to all of the articles.

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